Campfire Cleanup

Campfire Cleanup


With so much nature at our back door, it's no wonder many Wyomingites enjoy biking, boating, rock climbing, hiking the trails, digging in the dirt and sitting by a campfire. All that exploring can get any Poke dirty.

That's what Campfire Cleanup soap is off all of which you enjoyed. Squeeky clean and ready for round two.

Campfire Cleanup contains goat's milk and lightly scented with Cinnamon Essential Oil. It also contains coffee grounds for extreme texture. Unless your skin is as tough as leather, we recommend using this soap for your hands only.

This product is a Short Run batch. What does this mean? All Short Run batch products will be made annually in small batches and once they are sold out, they won't be available for another year. If it's a scent you love, we suggest you act quick and stock up! 

Campfire Cleanup is handcrafted in mid June and available until all bars are sold.

Our bar soaps are packaged in a brown kraft box.

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  • Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable), Rice Bran Oil, Goat's Milk, Coffee grounds and Essential Oils. 
  • Does not contain any hazardous chemicals, SLS, Parabens, tallow, lard, gluten or artificial colors.